My current and ongoing body of work is identified as "Bird Tribe"; Bird Tribe arises from years of seeking to find my authentic creative voice. I was prone to experimentation with a myriad of processes and techniques to arrive at where I find myself creating from now. Bird Tribe is an awakening to the true nature of my self expression. There is an interconnectedness to everything within this body of work for me . . . a primordial energy . . . the connection to bodies of water where many great mysteries of creation persist . . . and my ancestral stream. Embedded in these works are precious memories of childhood and the sacredness of nature.

In Bird Tribe I am seeking the evolution of form through the process of assemblage, yet experimenting with the impact of space and the evocative qualities of subtle narrative. Additional elements of color, texture and shape are introduced through painted panels to convey the impact of environment upon perception. 

The process of assemblage becomes a symphony of individual materials combined to create visual harmony. Assemblage becomes a metaphor for conscious awareness to connect seemingly independent pieces of existence to form a new contextual relationship.